Viewing Sold Units

Congratulations on selling your unit!

In the rare event, that a Bidder does not show up or has not made contact with the facility within 24 hours of winning, the facility should contact iBid4Storage immediately! iBid4Storage will then contact the second highest Bidder. If that is unsuccessful, the Seller has the option to contact the third highest Bidder, or repost the unit. In the case that a unit is reposted, the Seller must state in the description “This unit is being reposted”.


Step 1: Click “Login”

Step 1: Click "Login"

Click the “Login” link at the top of the home page.

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Once you have entered your email and password, click “Login”.

Step 3: Click “My Storage Auctions”

Step 3: Click "My Storage Auctions"

Be sure to click “SUBMIT” once all necessary fields have been input

Step 4: Scroll to “Sold Units”

Step 4: Scroll to "Sold Units"

Step 5: Click Desired Unit

Step 5: Click Desired Unit

Should the Seller want an electronic or printed invoice of their sold auction, click the invoice icon, located beside the unit number.

Step 6: View Sold Auction

Step 6: View Sold Auction

Here, Sellers have a detailed view of all bids on the auction, bidders information, how much the unit sold for, as well as the option to see how many visitors came to the page.