Re-posting Units

On the rare occasion that a locker cannot be claimed and paid for after it is sold, iBidOnStorage has given our Sellers the easy option to re-post previous units.

Find out how, below.

Step 1: Click “Login”

Step 1: Click "Login"

Click the “Login” link at the top of the home page.

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Once you have entered your email and password, click “Login”.

Step 3: Go to “My Storage Auctions”

Step 3: Go to "My Storage Auctions"

Once logged in, users will automatically be taken to their accounts page.

To remove a unit, go to “My Storage Auctions” in the light blue banner.

Find “Sold Units”

Find "Sold Units"

In the “My Storage Auctions” category there will be an “Edit Units” section beside “Add New Unit”.

Find Sold Units

Find Sold Units

Sold Units will be located beside “Add New Unit”.

Here, Sellers can select a previously “Sold” auction to re-post.

Click “REPOST”

Click "REPOST"

Once a Seller has chosen an auction to re-post, simply click “REPOST”

Reset Unit Parameters

Reset Unit Parameters

After clicking “Re-Post Unit” Sellers will be taken to the “Add a New Unit” section.

Please note that fields have been filled in with the unit selected for re-posting. Here, Sellers can change any parameters they wish for re-posting.

Click “Add Unit”

Click "Add Unit"

Once all necessary fields have been filled, please click “ADD UNIT”

If “ADD UNIT” is not selected, any changes made will not be submitted.