Add New Unit

Following 11 quick and simple steps, iBidOnStorage will guide you in adding the most successful units on the site!

 Please note, once a unit has been successfully added, the unit will appear in “Edit Units”. Should the Seller wish to make any additional changes to a unit, the seller will be able to do so in the “Edit Units” section. To find out more about the features of “Edit Units” please go to article entitled “Edit units”.

Step 1: Click “Login”

The login link is in the header

Step 2: Enter Email and Password

Once you have entered your email and password, click “Login” to get started.

Step 3: Click “My Storage Auctions”

Step 4: Add New Unit: Enter Location and Price Information

Enter all necessary fields, marked with a red asterisk.

  1. Choose the location where the auction is being held, by clicking the drop down arrow.
  2. Should you choose to mask the Unit ID for security purposes, simply click “Use Mask ID”. Our system will generate an “IB” false unit number. The real ID will be kept between iBidOnStorage and the facility.
  3. Optional: Enter outstanding debt of locker to be recovered
  4. The Seller is free to set bids at any amount they wish. It is iBidOnStorage’s suggestion that starting prices be set lower to encourage competitive bidding and a higher selling price.

Step 5: Add New Unit: Enter Date and Time Information

Enter all necessary fields, marked with a red asterisk.

5.  Sellers may set start/end dates whenever they please, however the following tips are recommended:

  • The first time a Seller loads a unit, iBidOnStorage recommends running the auction for 7-10 days.  After a couple auction uploads, setting an auctions start and end time in between 3-5 days, is enough to have a locker sold and cleared out, and available for rent once more.
  • Remember to NOT set an end date on statutory holidays, or when the facility is closed.  
  • A preview stage of one 1-2 weeks compliments legal advertising and encourages tenants to pay their arrears.

6.  Sellers may set start/end times whenever they please, though it is best leave 2-3 hours before the facility closes, should the winning bidder wish to call the facility immediately.

  • Should multiple units close on the same day, it is suggested the Seller select end times for each unit approximiatly 10 mins apart. This ensures all bidders have a fair chance of entering their final bids.
  • (EXAMPLE: Unit 1 ends at 2:00 p.m. , Unit 2 ends at 2:10 p.m. , Unit 3 ends at 2:20 p.m. etc.)

Step 6: Add New Unit: Enter Additional Features and Description

7.  Additional Features is where Sellers may include any additional information they feel the bidder should know about the unit. (eg. the unit is heated, climate controlled, drive-up unit, etc.)

8.  If the unit does not have any obvious valuables, it is recommended that the Seller provide a description of the unseen valuables, if possible. If the unit contains boxes, garbage bags and/or totes, simply list as “Household Items”.

9. Input terms and conditions

10. By checking this box, the Seller will receive an email each time a bid has been placed on a specific unit. Alternatively, if the Seller does not wish to be updated, the Seller can watch ALL the bidding take place live, on

Step 7: Click “Add Unit”

Please review all data entered.

Clicking “ADD UNIT” will save all data entered.

If you do not click “ADD UNIT” any data entered will not be saved.

Step 8: Add New Unit: Upload Image

Once the unit information has been added and saved, Seller’s can start to upload their pictures.

Take images (photographs) from the outside of the locker door and be sure to take them at different angles (left, right, top, bottom). With iBidOnStorage’s zoom-in camera feature for Buyers, this will enable them to see as much as possible within the unit!

11. Click “BROWSE” to upload the first image of your unit.

12. To upload more images click “Go To Unit”

Step 9: Add New Unit: Adding Multiple Images

13. Should a Seller wish to edit their uploaded pictures, they can do so with the controls located beneath the picture. This enables Sellers to delete or rotate their pictures.

14. To add multiple photos, simply click the “BROWSE” button and select as many photos as necessary by holding “Ctrl” on your keyboard and selecting multiple photos, or by highlighting all desired photos.

With this feature, Sellers are able to upload as many pictures as possible at once.

15. Press “Finish and Refresh” to view all uploaded pictures and have the ability sort pictures in the order you see best.

Step 10: Click “Save Changes”

Please review all data entered.

Clicking “SAVE CHANGES” will save all data entered.

If you do not click “SAVE CHANGES” any data entered will not be saved.