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Step 1: Click “My Account”

Step 1: Click "My Account"

 Once logged in, click “My Account” at the top of the Home Page in the Blue tab.


Step 2: Set up “My Account”

Step 2: Set up "My Account"

Click “My Account” to start creating your corporate level account.

The “My Account” section also grants users the privileges of changing passwords and time zones.

Account information can be changed at any time by re-entering new information and clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

My Account: Enter Personal Information

My Account: Enter Personal Information

Enter all necessary fields, marked with a red asterisk.

Here, you can update your Company’s information, logo, control notification settings, language options and reset your password.

Under “Username” please provide the name of the facility.

Don’t forget to click “SUBMIT” once finished.

Click Submit

Click Submit

Clicking “SUBMIT” will save all data entered.

If you do not click “SUBMIT” any data entered will not be saved.

Step 3: Add a Store Location

Step 3: Add a Store Location

The next step is to set up store locations.

The “Locations” section provides options of adding locations, as well as editing those locations, if need be.

Enter Store Location Details

Enter Store Location Details

Enter all location information marked with a red asterisks.

Checking “Auto fill with my account information” will pre-load account information for location.

Facility Features

Facility Features
  1. Store Location email will not appear visible on the website. They are for the purpose of invoicing only. Should the user wish to add multiple location emails, please separate emails with a comma and NO SPACES.
  2. Should you wish to upload a video of the store location, please remember the video must be channeled through a YouTube link.
  3. It is always beneficial for Sellers to provide information about the store location such as:
  • Drive in storage facilities
  • Hidden entrance
  • Indoor/outdoor storage
  • Parking, etc.

Click “Submit”

Click "Submit"

Be sure to click “Submit” when finished. If you do not click “Submit” any data entered will NOT  be saved.